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How the "Heck" did these roots get in my Sewer.
Tree root systems will travel great distances underground seeking moisture & nutrients and it is not uncommon for certain species of trees to travel 7-8 times their height following water vapours given off by leaking or cracked sewer pipes. (the customers most common re-frain " i can't have roots in my sewer there's not a tree on my property") Once at the source, the roots will penetrate thru joints or cracks where they thrive in the moist nutrient rich environment, creating huge root masses that can break pipes apart causing them to collapse.

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The most common method of controlling root growth in sewers/drains is to mechanically remove / cut them out with the use of a auger, rooter or snake (same equipment different names) However there are chemicals and foaming agents available wich will inhibit root growth for a short period of time. We personally do not use any of the chemical methods but if you must please do not use anything containing copper sulphate or sodium hydroxide as these do have a very negative impact on our environment particularly our water resources.

No matter which methods you choose rest assured your nemesis "the root" will be back.

How do i remove roots "permanently" from my sewer?
Unfortunately the only ways to permanently remove root systems from your sewer are to either re-line your sewer or to replace your sewer. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods, certain types of older sewer pipes are not good candidates for sewer re-lining.

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