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We have the experience & equipment to get even the most stubborn drains flowing.

At Drain-Pro our technicians receive on-going training so as to solve any & all sewer, drain issues such as:

  • clogged kitchen sinks
  • basins
  • laundry lines
  • root intrusion in sewers
  • collapsed sewers
  • trenchless sewer replacement
  • conventional sewer replacement
  • floor drains
  • laundry drains
  • main sewers
  • kitchen clogs
  • basin drains
  • tub clogs
  • shower drains
  • toilet plugs
  • plugged vents
  • sump pits
  • garage sumps
  • sewage lift stations

Drain-Pro is the exclusive provider of the "AquaBlast" drain cleaning system.

Voted the #1 Drain Cleaning System

using the system

using traditional auger/rooter method

Typical augers/rooters cut or bore through a blockage.

patented nozzles power through your drain using high pressure/high temperature water, virtually eliminating built-up soap, grease & sludge, bringing your drains back to their full-flow capacity.

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