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"Store-it Don't Pour- it"

Many people flush grease, bacon fat etc. down the drain by running the hot water and slowly pouring down the grease. (seems like a good idea at the time) This only enhances the distribution of grease around the entire drain, the swirling action of the water coats the walls of the drain and the grease quickly solidifies, food and waste matter adhere to the grease and its "hello Drain-Pro." 

Best to store grease,fat in an old coffee can etc. and dispose of it in the garbage.

If grease is a problem in your drains talk to us about our A' Blast drain cleaning       (click here)

"Hey i'd like to be Eco-Friendly" (what should i NOT put down my drains?)

There are plenty of household products wich are Hazardous and detrimental to the environment. pouring these products down the drain could corrode your pipes pollute our Environment and drinking water.

The following is a partial list some of wich you may already know others maybe not.

  • gasoline  
  • solvents
  • antifreeze
  • motor oil
  • brake fluid
  • transmission fluid
  • weed killers
  • ant and rodent killers
  • old drugs and medications
  • biomedical wastes
  • pool & hot tub chemicals.
  • spot removers
  • oven cleaners
  • disinfectants
  • paints
  • stains and varnishes
  • wood preservatives
  • paint thinners
  • glues and cements

* If you are not sure if it is safe to go down the drain please call your local city hall or municipality they can advise.

Some fire stations accept Non-Hazardous chemicals and can dispose of them for you (CALL FIRST)

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