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Do you need to repair or replace the underground sewer and/or water lines? If so, you need to talk to our team of licensed plumbing professionals who are insured in excavation and fully equipped with the latest trenchless technology.

Replacing a water or sewer line running from your home to the street main has historically been a messy, invasive procedure that can ruin carefully planned landscaping and scatter mud & debris around your property. No longer!

Trenchless sewer replacement as used by Drain-Pro is a clean, cost-effective method of replacing an old pipe with a new pipe of the same or larger inner diameter.

Trenchless Pipe & Sewer Replacement Provides the Following Advantages:

  • No Damage To Landscaping
  • No Damage To Concrete Patios or Paving
  • No Future Leaks - Guaranteed!
  • New Pipe Can Withstand Ground Movement
  • Saves Time and Money.

With the new trenchless method your sewer line and water pipes can be replaced with minimal disturbance to your yard, patio and/or driveway. How does it work? Only two access holes need to be created. One hole is at or in the house/ building to make the connection to the main line, and the other hole is at the property line to make the connection to the city or county sewer line. Trenchless technology works by pulling a hardened steel splitting head through the old pipe. The new pipe is attached to the back of the splitting head and is pulled in as the old pipe is split and expanded. The new pipe follows the path of the old one.

In many ways, lateral trenchless sewer and water line replacement resembles today's state-of-the-art laparascopic surgery that successfully repairs injuries while leaving minimal scarring. The plumbing experts at Drain-Pro will use trenchless technology to complete your line replacement with surgical precision!

Consider your options: The traditional open trench method involves digging a trench and installing the new line. The other option is the trenchless method. Both ways accomplish the same goal, but the modern trenchless method achieves it faster, cheaper and with much less disruption to your property.

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