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Drain odours eminating from your sinks, tubs or stand up shower stalls are generally caused by built-up residuals of soap, toothpaste, shaving cream and decaying hair and skin (nasty stuff). This build-up occurs in the drain assembly, overflow and the trap itself.

To remedy this you need to:

STEP ONE: Scrub the aforementioned areas with an old toothbrush or bottle brush,all the better if you can remove the 'p' trap and do it seperately.

Thoroughly flush the area with a water & vinegar solution. (there's no shame if you tossed your cookies during the first step).

STEP TWO: Pour a half cup of baking soda into the trap followed by half a
cup of white vinegar, place a wet face-cloth / rag over the drain as this mixture will begin to foam up. Allow it to stand 4-6 hours

Repeat this procedure every couple months or as needed.


A very common issue with our customers is the dreaded garberator smell (sort of like when you leave your grass clippings in the garage for two weeks). The most important thing to remember when using a garberator is to use plenty of water just before, during and for about 15 seconds after garberator use. This will ensure the food particles are thoroughly flushed away and will not begin decaying in the garb.

Also whenever possible grind up some lemon/lime rinds, this helps immensely.


Your floor drain is a place for excess water to go due to a flood/burst pipe etc. It is also unfortunately the easiest way for sewage to enter your home during a sewer backup. Your floor drain should always be flushed with plenty of water and a small amount of bleach after a sewer backup to remove any feces that may be lingering. (your Drain-Pro tech will do this for you).

The most common cause of floor drain odours is that the water seal has been broken due to the evaporation of the water in the trap which allows sewer gas to enter. This is easy to remedy by a monthly pouring of a couple gallons of water into the floor drain.

There are also mechanical methods such as trap seal primers available.

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